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Why Cat Waste is Deadly for Your Septic System

  Feb 29 2020

Why Cat Waste is Deadly for Your Septic System

Septic systems are designed to collect and break down only biodegradable substances such as human waste and tissue paper. One way most cat owners dispose of their pet waste is by the use of cat litter. Most cat litters are made of bentonite clay. By nature, clay is absorbent and non-biodegradable. Therefore, flushing clay-based litters down the drain may lead to clogs. You may have to pay hundreds of dollars to unclog the pipes or even replace the entire sewer line. 

If this continues and the litter gets past the plumbing pipes, it will definitely become hardened when settled in the tank. Septic tanks contain bacteria and other microbes that work on human wastes and other biodegradable substances from the plumbing system. Introducing cat litters into the system may overthrow the microbial balance and impede the ability of the tank to break down fecal matter and other biodegradable stuff.

Even litters touted as biodegradable are still a red flag. Manufacturers even caution consumers to allow a wait time before flushing multiple clumps to avoid clogs. This indicates litters can wreak havoc not only on the plumbing pipes but also the entire septic system. 

Furthermore, cats are potential carriers of a parasite called Toxoplasma, which is responsible for toxoplasmosis in humans who ingest the oocysts. This parasite found in cat feces may have mild to severe health effects on affected individuals.

Best Way to Dispose of Cat Litter and Waste

It is good to take safety precautions when dealing with the liter. At Septic Pumping of Raleigh, we believe that safety is first and homeowners should wear gloves and masks while dealing with the liter. The mask prevents the inhalation of dust from the liter

However, some pet owners discard cat litter into plastic groceries bag and toss them into landfills. This method of disposal is not the best because it poses a great threat to the environment. Toxoplasmosis – the parasite found in cat feces – can cause brain damage, eye problem, fetal development issues in pregnant women, premature birth, and more health issues when in contact with humans.

Instead of using plastic bags that take forever to decompose, it’s best to use biodegradable baggies to get rid of cat litter and waste.

Disposing of cat litter in an eco-friendly manner is the best way to keep your family healthy. It is recommended that owners should switch to a wood pellet-based product that are renewable without a negative impact to the environment.

With a scoop you can gently remove the waste from the litter box. Try to avoid shaking the scoop to let the clean litter pass through, as this stirs up more dust.

If you’ve been flushing cat litter down your drain, your chances of experiencing plumbing clogs or backups are very high. If you’ve been noticing signs of clogs, do not hesitate to call a septic care and maintenance company for professional assistance before your entire sewer line becomes clogged.

The expert professionals at Septic Pumping of Raleigh will be glad to provide the help you need. We can help inspect your plumbing pipes and septic system to establish the cause of the problem.

We are also proud to offer a wide range of residential and commercial septic services. Offerings include septic pumping, septic cleaning, and inspection. To learn more about how our service professionals can help restore your septic system or for immediate septic service, contact Septic Pumping of Raleigh today.

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